9:55am 01-31-2015
Hi. I have spotted that you have a C0 9 Dark Elf (Guards woman) for sale.
Is it still available ? & how much would you want for it?
Best regards. Matt
1:48pm 10-26-2013
Andre Ashington
Sir dwarf/dwarves,

I have recently disvcovered that you Hinchliffe Models for trade.
Sadly, I have no figures to trade as I am starting to collect miniatures again from scratch.

Hinchcliffe miniatures were the first that I collected back in 1980-1981. I used to buy them from a little shop on St Aldates, Oxford, called Stanton Kings.
I hope to start a new collection with some of your minatures.

Would you considered selling any of your figures as opposed to trade ?


Andre Ashington
1:35pm 08-23-2013
Frank Weaver
Hey have you seen the Dwarf Brewery on Kickstarter?
I thought you might be interested. Lots of new sculpts of working dwarves and a fine brewery model.
11:32am 11-23-2011
Frank Weaver
Ever have any luck with the figures I was looking for?
6:51pm 10-10-2010
6:02pm 01-03-2010
Boki Gromdal
5:58pm 01-03-2010
Boki Gromdal
If you have any thoughts, requests, questions etc about Dwarves (Dwarfs).......
....or if you would just like to talk about them........ here I am....

More trades available on Flickr....
also see: